Assessing Business Assumptions about your market potential

The BusinessOn Team - 05/09/2013

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A profit able business is a set of ten strategic responses to the opportunities and threats represented by 10 key forces (Paul Matthews’s unique emphasis) of 5 Key Players and 5 Key Trends that shape the industry in which a business operates.

5 Players: Customers, Competition, Suppliers, Human Resources, Capital Providers
5 Trends: Technology, Regulatory, Economic, Cultural, Demographic

These forces are critical in how a business has to be organised, structured and managed to optimise potential business growth and profitability in the market place. The Players and Trends model designed by Paul Matthews is to help a business develop a multi-level Sales and Marketing Strategy, which is fully aligned and integrated into the organisations’ ability to manage and deliver its product and services. This will allow the owner manager or management team to exploit the market place, set and monitor targets, manage resources and accurately measure performance within all functions of a business.

Building and Implementing a successful Sales and Marketing Strategy

Central to developing a successful Sales and Marketing Strategy is the need to identify, collate, analyse and process the most appropriate market information available using the “Players and Trends” model to develop a robust and measurable Sales and Marketing Action Plan. This includes:

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